Installation, Sculpture, Experience Design                                                                                                                              2022

The Soul of Breath is an interactive installation making felt the invisible connection between humans and the natural environment, through an amplification of breath.

Viewers are invited to blow into the microphone, and the fabric reacts according to the participant’s breathing cycle. The sound changes frequency depending on the breath as well as any sound in the environment, including wind.

Viewers come into the space and blow into the microphone.

While the PE fabric reacts to the participants’ breath.Then the sound changes in rhythm and tone.The three parts link and interact with each other.

Microphone – It transports the audience into the world of the breathing.

Polyethylene (PE) – This part offers the viewer a magical place to merge breath, sound, and nature, challenging our perception.

Directional Speaker – In the installation space, the sense of hearing will be the first sense to be touched. They will hear the breathing of the space generated by the computer and the surrounding environments.

Breathing is an essential connection to nature. There is intimacy between the human body and the atmosphere. Through our breath, we are constantly connecting with the world. I made this installation in order to allow the audience to feel the breathing connection we have with the surrounding world, experiencing the many other living and non-living things that share our planet.

The interactions within the piece draw upon and and amplifythe patterns and forces of the wind, the sun, and the weather: the air has no borders. It belongs to no one, yet gives itself freely to all.